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This avatar is my most ambitious project as of now, about 900 hours have been spent working on her. I really wanted to push the boundaries of avatars with this one. I wanted more than just an avatar that looks cute, I wanted her to have actual utilities while working great no matter your vr setup, all while being as optimized as possible. Almost everything on this avatar is made from scratch by me. Hope you like her as much as I do ♡

The lite version is available for free in my server! The lite version has limited features and some parts of the mesh has been deleted. Try her out before buying her by joining here! I also offer Upload Services in my server for 10 USD.

She is cheap because I planned to make her affordable from the start!

If you post pictures of her on Twitter tag me, I would love to see ♡


Face tracking - Gogoloco with flying - Lite version - SPS with deformation - PCS - Lollipop - Posable Lollipop - Streamer safety toggle - Eye close control with trigger and individual eye close with both triggers - Everything built-in into 1 version of the avatar - Lots of color adjustment possibilities - Marker - Gun with working ammo system - Knife you can play with that has dynamic stab effect - Nightvision - Flashlight - Lots of Dynamic contact features - Desktop friendly toggles - Non-destructive gestures in face tracking mode - Face expression toggle - Everything is toggleable - Audio Link - Everything included at download for ease of upload - And more

I highly recommend watching her whole showcase to understand how to use her properly. Also the showcase is missing some features, more detail available in my server.

Showcase Video: https://youtu.be/nvw6jjaRXUE

Avatar Contact Features

  • Headpat - Anti Eye-poke - Nose Boop - Mouth - And more
  • Grab the gun from your belt by touching it with a gesture and shoot it! To reload, tap on the magazine. Laser can be toggled by touching it.
  • Grab the knife from your belt by touching it with a gesture, you can reverse it or spin it on your finger with gestures. Also stabbing another player will have a stab effect with sound.
  • Grab the goggles on your head and pull them down, touch the side of the goggles to turn on nightvision mode.
  • Grab the walkie-talkie on your belt with a gesture and touch the top of it to turn on the flashlight.
  • Touch the side of your horns headband to lower them down/up.

- Manual control toggles available for everything; for desktop or for debugging.

-Individual and combo toggles to disable touch contacts, if you do not want to keep grabbing stuff by mistake while keeping the aesthetic or if you do not want effects whenever you are touched.

-Mute sound toggles for everything; separated by sections.

-Self interact toggle for physical touch features.

Avatar Adjustment

  • Skin - Radial for skin color adjustment.
  • UPDATE: New Skin shine radial with water drops option.
  • UPDATE: Tanline Radial with 3 variations.
  • Makeup - Individual Radial for makeup; Eyeshadow, Blush, Face Glitter, Cat marks.
  • Hair color Radials; Black, Black/white, Saturation, Hue shift, Brightness, Crazy hue shift. Over 2 millions color possibilities.
  • Color Radials; Clothing Hue shift, Eye Hue Shift.
  • Emission Radials; Eye Emission, Hair Emission, Cat marks Emission.
  • Hair Stencils Toggle; If you don't like the eye/brows being see-through. Also useful in AO worlds.
  • Hair body collision toggle; You can now be more optimized with 1 click of a button.
  • Avatar brightness Radial; You'll never be too bright or too dark in specific worlds ever again. You can also make her pure black for RP purposes in dark maps.


  • Hoodie - Bodysuit - Stockings - Shoes - Thigh Garter - Gloves - Skin bodysuit - Horns Headband - Goggles - Eyepatch - Long strap - Tactical Belt - Bra top - Panties
  • Skin bodysuit opacity Radial
  • UPDATE: Cat mode Radial, ears and tail movement with gestures or face tracking.

-Everything is individually toggleable.

-Certain clothing toggles will reset whenever the avatar is loaded again; for your account/stream safety.


  • Upload Guide provided at download section.
  • The unity package comes with a scene, prefabs and fbx. ("Holo - Creator" comes with the Blend files also)
  • Everything included to upload her in the download section.
  • Shaders are separated in a different unitypackage at download section.
  • This avatar use Vrcfury installed through the creator companion.
  • Unity 2022.3.22f1 / Creator Companion / SDK 3.0 / Physbones / PC and QUEST
  • The shaders used are: poi_Toon_7.3.50_UpTo_9.0.57 and June_Lite_TwoOne_luka8375


Avatar credit: Head - Body - Hair - Hair Texture - Matcaps - Body Addon - Lollipop - PCS - Locomotion - FTT - World Drop/Marker - Screenspace Shader - Everything else by me

Showcase credit: Clikk for recording and video editing - ItsLeonieVr for modeling and pictures - RanInHyung for modeling

Special thanks to all my beta testers and early access promoters, without you my avatar wouldn't be bug free ♡♡♡

Terms of use

  • By purchasing this package you are agreeing to the terms of use.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute/share anything out of this package.
  • You may not use anything out of this package for your own character/avatar.
  • You are not allowed to make direct profit in any sort of ways out of my avatar package.
  • You may only use this avatar for your own personal use.
  • Private upload only solely on the account of the buyer.
  • Youtuber/Streamer if you use this avatar as your main mascot you need to credit me somewhere in your description.
  • Do not expect to receive any help regarding the setup of the model. Please have basic Unity knowledge upon purchase.
  • This package is non-refundable under any circumstances.
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Last updated Apr 22, 2024

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Holo [FT | PC/QUEST]

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